The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast has a New Website!

Updated by Matt Scalena January 31, 2023. (Picture from 2016 back in the glory days) Thank you for your continued support of the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast! We now have a new website for all things real estate related, [ … ] Read More

VREP #39 | Are You A Genius? The 3 Types of Real Estate Investors with Dustan Woodhouse

Are you a genius? Mortgage Broker, Dustan Woodhouse, joins Adam and Matt to discuss the three types of real estate investors… which one are you? Also, Matt offers some of his favourite quotes for the year ahead. Trust me, [ … ] Read More

VREP #38 | BC’s New Homebuyer Loan & the Best of VREP 2016!

Mortgage Broker, Ray Macklem, joins Adam and Matt to discuss the BC Government’s recently revealed Home Partnership program coming January 2017. The brothers also reflect on the year it was in real estate and some of their favorite episode highlights. Read More

VREP #36 | Talking Market Trends: The November Stats Are In!

The November 2016 REBGV Stats are in! Adam and Matt discuss general market conditions and talk about fantastic buying opportunities over this holiday season. Read More

VREP #35 I Will Vancouver Survive the Earthquake?

Engineer and Seismic Specialist John Sherstobitoff joins Adam & Matt to discuss whether or not Vancouver is truly ready for the earthquake. You will want to strap in for this one! Read More

VREP #25 | How to be Strata Doc Detectives! Six Essential Tips for Reviewing Strata Documents

Strata Doc Detectives, Matt and Adam, re-open a cold ‘case file’ condo building to determine exactly what went wrong & outline six things to consider when reviewing evidence to ensure your condo tale is not a chilling one of debt and deceit. Read More

VREP #21 | BC’s New Foreign Buyer Tax with Prof. Tom Davidoff & Guests

With Monday’s announcement of the 15% foreign buyer tax, Adam and Matt discuss the tax and its implications with UBC Professor Tom Davidoff, Lawyer Lars Kushner, and foreign national and first-time homebuyer Mac Kerman.   Read More

VREP #9 | Appraisals & The Reno That Will Sink Your Property Value with Leigh Walker

Leigh Walker joins Adam and Matt to discuss appraisals, finding market value in a rising market & which home renovations add the most value. VREP #9 _ Appraisals & The Reno That Transcript Intro: ​​Get ready for Vancouver’s premium [ … ] Read More

VREP #8 | How to Win in Multiple Offers

Adam and Matt explain how to beat the competition when buying in a hot housing market. VREP #8 | How to Win in Multiple Offers Transcript Intro:               Get ready for Vancouver’s premium real estate podcast. Your source for buying, [ … ] Read More