VREP #8 | How to Win in Multiple Offers

Adam and Matt explain how to beat the competition when buying in a hot housing market. VREP #8 | How to Win in Multiple Offers Transcript Intro:               Get ready for Vancouver’s premium real estate podcast. Your source for buying, [ … ] Read More

VREP #7 | Your Future Home with Gregory Dreicer

Museum of Vancouver Director of Curatorial and Engagement, Gregory Dreicer, joins Adam and Matt to discuss the exhibition “Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver.” For more information about the exhibition, head to MOV’s site: http://www.museumofvancouver.ca/ And these guys. Read More

VREP #6 | Shadow Flipping & Assignments with Managing Broker Mike Hofer

Century 21 In Town Realty Managing Broker Mike Hofer joins Matt and Adam to discuss “shadow flipping”, assignment sales, and the ethics of real estate. Stay tuned for an on-the-ground perspective! For the cited article on assignment flipping, click [ … ] Read More

VREP #5 | Foreign Ownership Tax, Affordability & Why Robinson Crusoe May Hold the Key to Vancouver’s Real Estate Market with UBC Prof. Tom Davidoff

UBC Associate Professor Tom Davidoff joins Adam and Matt to discuss the BC Housing Affordability Fund and comments on foreign ownership and what makes Vancouver’s Real Estate Market so unique. More information about the BC Housing Affordability Fund here: [ … ] Read More

VREP #4 | Life After the Viaducts & the Future of North East False Creek with Holly Sovdi

Lead City Planner with the Downtown Division, Holly Sovdi, joins Adam and Matt to discuss life after the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts come down and the future for North East False Creek – a new community that unites Chinatown, [ … ] Read More