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Adam Scalena

Adam Scalena
Tel: 778-866-4574
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Matt Scalena

Matt Scalena
Tel: 778-847-2854
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Melisa Moretti
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Sonia Gutierrez

Sonia Gutierrez
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the team at Scalena Real Estate & the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Who are the members of Scalena Real Estate?

Our team at Scalena Real Estate consists of a number of experienced real estate agents working together to provide exceptional service.

Our licensed agents are Adam Scalena, Matt Scalena, Melisa Moretti & Sonia Gutierrez.

We have specialists in all facets of residential real estate – homes to live in, properties to invest in, as well as luxury properties in Metro Vancouver.


Who are the members of the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast?

The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast is hosted by team leads, Adam & Matt Scalena, who are both Top Vancouver Realtors with a knack for breaking down complex market trends.

Check out the podcast or see Real estate brothers take Vancouver by storm with award-winning podcast and thriving business.


How does the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast complement the real estate services provided by Scalena Real Estate?

The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast offers insightful analysis of the latest market trends, expert interviews, and tips for buyers and sellers. It’s a great resource for our clients to stay informed & complements our hands-on real estate service by offering our clients the best market intelligence & access to an exceptional network of major players in Vancouver Real Estate. 

For clients looking to sell property, your property will also gain valuable exposure as an advertisement on our popular podcast and featured on our powerful website.


What areas does Scalena Real Estate service?

Scalena Real Estate services most areas of Metro Vancouver, with specialists in the City of Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, New Westminster & Surrey. Click HERE to monitor a specific neighborhood in Metro Vancouver.

We also have one of the best networks in the business for connecting people with real estate professionals in British Columbia & beyond & tools to monitor any market in BC.


What types of properties does Scalena Real Estate specialize in?

We specialize in residential real estate, including single family homes, duplexes, townhomes and condos in the Vancouver area.

We also are avid real estate investors and have expertise in residential real estate investing.


What unique real estate services does the Scalena Real Estate offer for Sellers?

We provide personalized marketing strategies for each individual seller & leverage our relationships & the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast’s platform to get your property sold fast & for top dollar. 

Our plan to get your home sold is conducted in clear & predictable stages:


Stage 1: Consultation and Strategic Planning Session


  • Align with your goals and conduct a comprehensive comparable market evaluation (CMA) to establish the market value of your Vancouver property.


  1. Engage in a detailed discussion about your specific objectives, desired timeline, and expectations in selling your Vancouver property.
  2. Perform a thorough assessment of your property, identifying potential buyer objections & enhancements to overcome objections & ensure top dollar. 


Stage 2: Property Enhancement and Preparation


  • Optimize the property for Vancouver real estate market appeal.


  1. Professional Staging Consultation: Collaborate with top Vancouver staging expert to maximize property appeal.
  2. Efficient Decluttering and Cleaning: Assist in organizing the property and arrange for our in-depth cleaning services prior to showings
  3. Minor Repairs and Aesthetic Touch-ups: Access our Vancouver-based handyperson services for essential repairs or cosmetic upgrades.


Stage 3: Produce Marketing Materials 


  • Create stand out marketing content tailored for the Vancouver real estate audience.


  1. High-Quality Photography and Videography: Showcase your property with professional photos and videos, including trendy Instagram reels.
  2. Detailed Professional Floor Plan: An accurate floor plan enhances exposure.
  3. Engaging Property Descriptions and Marketing Copy: Develop persuasive property narratives and finalize all marketing materials.
  4. Social Media and Email Campaigns: Strategize for a powerful social media introduction and leverage our podcast email networks for broader reach.
  5. Craft a FREE advertisement on the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast with a reach to tens of thousands .
  6. Secure all necessary property or strata documents.


Stage 4: Launch and Showcase in Vancouver’s Competitive Market


Effectively introduce the property to the Vancouver market and manage viewings.


  1. Coordinated Showing Schedule: Establish a strategic plan for property viewings.
  2. Dynamic Open Houses and Personalized Showings: Organize strategic open houses and manage individual showings to potential Vancouver buyers.
  3. Expert Offers and Negotiation Support: Offer expert advice for managing offers and assist in negotiation strategies.


Stage 5: Continuous Support and Communication for Vancouver Sellers


  • Provide unwavering support and updates throughout the entire selling process.


  1. Ensure ongoing communication, offering regular updates and professional advice until the successful closure of your Vancouver real estate property.
  2. Offer our network of trusted professionals including accountants, lawyers, notaries, stagers, movers, handyperson, painters, cleaners, mortgage brokers, inspectors & the list goes on.


Looking for a PDF plan? Our SOLD PLAN is a comprehensive document available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.


What unique real estate services does the Scalena Real Estate offer for Buyers?

For buyers, we offer custom property searches, deep local knowledge of both single family areas & buildings/townhome developments.

We are with you from the minute you begin your search, providing detailed market analyses, expertly negotiating & leading the due diligence process prior to any deal going firm.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect property in a seamless manner while also keeping you protected.


Can Scalena Real Estate assist with both buying and selling properties?

Absolutely. Our team is equipped to handle both buying and selling processes, offering comprehensive support throughout each transaction.


How does Scalena Real Estate stay informed about the latest market trends in Vancouver?

Our podcast, the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast, is a weekly check-in with industry experts from across the real estate industry. It is the go-to weekly show for many of our clients but also a widely heralded resource for other Realtors in our marketplace. Through working in our market daily, & discussing it with experts from various angles of the industry on the podcast, we definitely have you covered.


Are there any client testimonials or success stories available?

Yes, we have numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, showcasing our commitment to excellence in real estate services. The easiest place is our 5 star review on Google. But we will highlight a recent one here from Peter Li:


“We have been working with Adam and Matt for nearly five years after I initially came across them through their very insightful and informative podcast. During this five year period we have sold three condos, purchased one condo and one half duplex (we’re not investors, just a lot of incremental upsizing). All of these were run by Adam and Matt, together with their team.

I rarely write reviews and it’s hard for me to articulate the profound level of trust I have in Adam and his team. They are incredibly hard working and responsive. You will always hear their honest thoughts, whether it’s the potential shortcomings of a property you’re excited to buy or the potential risks of a property you’re rushing to sell in a down market. Their wisdom and foresight has ensured that we are not only happy when the deal closes but also have found a home we will enjoy for years to come. They are absolutely the ones you want in your corner when there is uncertainty as well. Their approach to negotiations is collaborative and will get the deal done, without the drama. They speak from a great deal of experience, analysis and intuition borne out of a deep passion for the industry.

As someone who regularly engages professional service providers as part of my day job (not in real estate), I have rarely come across the caliber of service, stewardship and thoughtfulness that you will get from this team. They are simply unmatched. It is a privilege to have had them help us through the years and I hope they never retire.”


And we have no plans to retire!


How can potential clients get in touch with Scalena Real Estate?

Clients can phone or text 778-847-2854, email at info@scalenarealestate.com, or through our Contact Form. We’re always ready to assist with any real estate inquiries.