Bryan and Ji Eun Cassidy

My fiancée and I were buying our first place, and Adam helped us to find one that matched our budget and also met our size and location requirements. Throughout the process, he explained things in terms that were easy to understand, and he was always careful to make sure that we were comfortable with what was happening (dealing with sellers’ agents, going on the tours that he arranged to see places, signing paperwork, etc…) He really seemed to understand the “ups and downs” that one can face searching for and buying their first place. Most importantly, during negotiations, he had skill; he definitely helped us to save money on the purchase ($20K under asking). Finally, my mortgage broker and lawyer both had to contact him throughout the process, and they confirmed what I already knew: Adam is thorough, pleasant, and quick to respond. I’d recommend him to anyone, and both my fiancée and I told him that if anyone wants to talk to us about him, we are happy to do so.  Just ask him for our contact information.