10 Tips for Making Your Vancouver Condo Feel Larger

Living in a condo in Vancouver can offer so many benefits, but one concern for many new condo owners is size. If you are moving into a condo from a single-family house or a townhouse, living in a smaller space might take some getting used to. There are, however, several effective ways to make your place feel and appear larger.

10. Make boundaries disappear

Try to visually erase boundaries in each room (corners, baseboards, moldings, etc.) by using a monochromatic colour scheme. Consider painting walls and ceilings similar shades and choose a hardwood or laminate floor that’s close in value.

9. Leave windows bare

If privacy is not an issue, consider removing all window coverings in the living room to maximize the amount of natural light.

8. Incorporate reflective surfaces

Wall mirrors are an obvious choice; however, don’t overlook popular mirrored furniture, including folding screens, end tables, or coffee tables. Another way to get the same effect is by incorporating furniture with a high gloss lacquered finish, which will amplify sheen and light. Or, choose transparent glass or Lucite furniture which takes up very little visual space.

7. Multi-functional furniture

Buy furniture that has more than one function to maximize space. For instance, consider an ottoman that doubles as a side table and can be used as extra seating when entertaining guests, or a storage trunk that works as an end table.

6. Choose solid colours over patterns

Try to choose solid colours when considering walls or furniture fabrics. Patterns, which appear on wallpaper or fabrics, hold more visual weight than solid colours. If you love patterns, try subtle colour combinations and use sparingly.

5. Be a minimalist

When creating a floor plan, place larger essential furniture first to establish the activity center of the room. Most of the largest pieces of furniture will face the room’s focal point, i.e. a great view, a fireplace, or a big screen T.V. Once the must-haves are in place, consider the necessity of all other items and don’t include them if they won’t compliment your lifestyle.

4. Avoid bulk when choosing furniture

You can maximize comfort and still save on space by selecting upholstered sofas and chairs with narrow arms, as opposed to over-stuffed rolled versions. Large arms not only waste valuable floor space, but they also make furniture appear bulky.

3. Buy a sectional sofa

Condos are often perfectly suited for sectional sofas. This functional furniture offers flexibility and can be repositioned in a variety of ways. Moreover, a single large piece of furniture can actually create the illusion of spaciousness and it can be much more comfortable than condo-sized furniture.

2. Maximize negative space

Try to make your condo appear as bright and open as possible by maximizing on negative space (the unusable space surrounding an item of furniture). For instance, choose furniture with legs rather than skirts and chairs with open backs. This will allow light to travel through objects and maximize the natural light in a room.

1. Use light colours

Your goal is to create the illusion of more space. One way to achieve this goal is by painting walls and trim in pale, cool colours (think lavender or cloud blue). This will open up the room and make the walls recede.